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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Apollo Brown remixes "The Trenches"

Everytime I receive a mail from Mello Music Group, I know I'm in for a treat and no exception today. MMG are of course the home of Detroit's newest shooting star, producer Apollo Brown, amongst others and one of their latest album releases are the fantastic Hassaan Mackey / A. Brown album "Daily Bread". It's rare with front-to-back burners in hip-hop these days as more and more artists are abandoning the album format in favor of iTunes singles and other bullshit but "Daily Bread" is a really well crafted, thought provoking LP full of equally interesting rhymes and beats. As hip-hop should always strive to be if you ask me. Apollo Brown, who also produced the original, have let loose of a remix of the album track "The Trenches" which also features Sean Born. The result is just as stunning as the original mix as it seems everything this proucer touches turns into gold right now. Pre-order the vinyl or order the CD now @ Fat Beats!


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