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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

K-Def single @ iTunes

New Jersey's finest, K-Def, continues to make noise with his first single on Redefinition Records which can now be purchased on either 7" vinyl or as a digital single via iTunes. The promotional video seen above (double click to enlarge) shows the producer revisiting the old Pete Rock & CL Smooth classic "For Pete's Sake". Considering how much I love the original version and how this apparantly was created using Cubase 6 and no samples, I'm simply amazed by the resulting knock of this joint as I've been keeping "For Def's Sake" on steady rotation since I received the vinyl. I would love to hear someone with the proper set of skills to blend CL's original vocals over this beat.The three track single also includes the recently premiered "Time's Change" and the mellow "Bird Flying High".


  1. thats pretty crazy right there, the drums are chunky

    i just put two n two together, but does this dude rock with Damu the Fudgemunk? im pretty sure hes on Redefiniton and Wonka Beats as well

  2. yea i think damu owns redefinition records too

  3. nah Damu does not own Redefinition Records, it's a guy who goes by the alias of JNOTA who's the head of that label. i and two other guys are working with him right now on a free project you'll see real soon on here and on 2DopeBoyz + of course Redefintion/Wonka Beats.

    Bronze: K-Def is fucking amazing, I know you would love his stuff since you're a fan of '90s hip-hop. he's actually a legend on the low and I've been trying to tell people about him forever but most don't want to hear it. He started out in the early '90s when he started producing with Marley Marl, between the two first Lords Of The Underground albums, he produced 11 songs plus like 4 remixes so that's an album worth of material. he produced 80% of Tragedy Khadafi's best album, "Saga Of A Hoodlum" in '93, he produced Ghostface's "It's over", "Keisha's House", "Last Night", four tracks on ODB's "Osirius",KRS-One/Marley Marl - "The Teacha's Back" (best song on the entire album lol), UGK's "Next Up" w. Kane and G Rap, etc, etc, etc.

    he's the latest signee to Redefinition Records. he hasn't worked with Damu yet as far as I know but maybe they will do that eventually. would be cool, although i'm a much bigger fan of 'Def. maybe because i've been following his work for many, many years and he pretty much never dissapoints.

    you should definitely go to and order the double 7" package that I received last week. it's $20 and includes coloured vinyls of Damu's latest and K-Def's latest. well, well worth the money

  4. what up jacob- john from redef here. dude in the previous comment is right - damu is co-owner of redef. amazing artist and businessman to say the least.
    bout to email you in a few minutes. also the NEXT 2 k-def records are almost ready. nonstop is the plan...

    redef recs