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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blu - "NoYork!" [Full Album]

Another young lyricist that's been delivering alot of interesting music over the last few years is L.A. born rapper Blu. The 26 year old West Coaster has been planning for the release of his new full length album "NoYork!" which he's been working on since at least mid 2010. The plan has been to release it this year via Warner Brothers, but I'm guessing they didn't care to deliver something this left field in the record industry climate of today. Tired of waiting for an official release, Blu, who recently performed at Rock The Bells, and gave out free copies of the full mastered album. I'm not sure if he's officially behind the internet leak of the LP either but it seems he doesn't mind his fans hearing this banger in full already. This is blunted/psychadelic lyrics driven hip-hop that KNOCKS. It's not at all as strong as "Below The Heavens" and some of the beats don't really fit my taste but overall a solid effort and Blu plays his part as well as expected. Producers include Exile, Madlib, Flying Lotus, Sa-Ra and others. If this ever sees an official release y'all should all support for the cause cuz this shit bangs. If anyone feels this link violates the copyright law it will be immediatly taken down, just hit me with an e-mail.

01. "Doin' Nothing" (Ft. U-God)
02. "Everything Ok" (Ft. Jack Davey)
03. "Never Be The Same" (Ft. Sa-Ra & Nola Darling)
04. "Above Crenshaw" (Ft. Cashus King)
05. "Slngbngers!"
06. "Soupa" (Ft. Suzianna Loung)
07. "Hours"
08. "Annie Hall" (Ft. Chop, Cherry Pop & Tiombelockhart)
09. "Tags" (Ft. Exile)
10. "Spring Winter Summer Fall" (Ft. Jimetta Rose)
11. "Down to Earth"
12. "My Sunshine" (Ft. Nia Andrews)
13. "Jazzmine" (Ft. Andy Allo)
14. "Jazzmen"
15. "Ronald Morgan" (Ft. Edan)
16. "Keep Pushin'"
17. "Doin' Something" (Ft. El Prez, UnI, Pac Div, J.Davey, Tiron & Ayomari)

BLU - "NoYork!" [320 KBPS]


  1. do u really think this shit knoks?? damn bwoy, this is the worst album i heard from blu. i was not expecting was like ''Below The Heavens pt2'', but i wanst expecting shit like this at all.

    its sad that blu fail of like this... its just an opinion... i truly respect ur vision about the album, but i complete desagree.

  2. it is clearly different from previous material and alot of the beats sounds the same and gets monotone, especially in the first half of the album. but when it's good it is really good imo, the intro joint is sick, the track with Edan was quality, etc. and i liked alot of the concepts and Blu never dissapoints as far as lyrics go. thx for sharing your opinion tho, as i of course respect it as you respect mine.



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