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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raekwon / Kaimbr / Hassaan Mackey + Diamond D

Now, this is a sick line-up if I ever saw one! Two of the emcees responsible for two of the illest underground albums of the year joins forces with Raekwon The Chef over this Diamond D laced heater, titled simply "The Heater". Diamond and Raekwon of course represents two of the sickest crews hip-hop ever wittnessed and as far as I remember this must be their first collaboration since the 1996 classic "Rainy Dayz" remix that the D.I.T.C. producer helped Jodeci's Mr. Dalvin to create. The cut is lifted from a forthcoming project presented by Peter Rosenberg & Popchips (?!) called "What's Poppin' Vol. 1" that I think will feature a bunch of different artists.



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