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Friday, August 26, 2011

Illus - "Feel Good" [The Johnny Juice Remixes]

This is some pretty cool shit for both fans of Illus and old Public Enemy heads who might remember Johnny Juice who supplemented for/with Terminator X and is sometimes listed as an original Bomb Squad founder. Just listening to the track above I'm really feeling the smooth soulful sound of the beat that blends perfectly with the reminiscing theme of Illus lyrics. The major cuts is a big plus too; it's especially Johnny Juice's involvement that made me curious to check out the full 7-track remix EP found below but the rhyming is on point. Here's a little piece of info supplied by the artist in companion to the download:

“As a special thank you to everyone that has been supporting my projects recently I am proud to offer you the FEEL GOOD Remixes album, produced entirely by the legendary DJ Johnny Juice from Public Enemy and original Bomb Squad founder. Chuck D called the original Feel Good Music "one of the best albums of the year" and with DJ Johnny Juice on the beats remixing, we have created an entirely new sound that builds on the original's passion, heart and soul.”

01. "Ready" (Remix)
02. "Beautiful Day" (Remix)
03. "Old Friends" (Remix)
04. "Have Fun Will Travel" (Remix)
05. "Happy Little Accident" (Remix)
06. "Feel Good Music" (Remix)
07. "Secret Identity" (Remix)


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