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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PR / SW - "Night Time" [VIDEO]

These fucking net store has really done a number on me, I ordered the CD on the day of it's release. After a month, I mailed them and said change my order to the 2xLP version instead (since I just got my turntable working) but now two weeks later and I still haven't got it so if it haven't shown up on Friday, I'll have to wait to earliest Monday. Man, I want this record badly, I think it's a certified banger. Review coming soon - I've been playing the shit out of this on my iPod since it first leaked but it's of course not the same as unwrapping the plastic and throw the record on the turntable or the CD player with the surround sound for the first time. This album is banging, and between "Night Time" and "Monumental" (the song), Pete really, really stepped his MC game up on this LP too, I really like this joint so it's cool they made a video for it! Enjoy and drop a prayer for me that I'll receive it soon, and I mean soon haha.

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