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Friday, August 5, 2011

Timid / Edo G / GrandDaddy I.U.

To be honest with you, I never in my life think I ever heard about an emcee by the name of Timid, and if it wasn't for the features on this I would have passed on even listening to it. After doing so, I can say I'm glad i hit the play button cuz this shit is a certified banger. The veteran producer/MC from Queens, Grand Daddy I.U., hooks up a marvelous boom bap track for Boston's finest; Edo G who kicks off the track with a hard ass verse. Timid proves that he's far from a slouch either, delivering two solid verses of his own. I got to give extra points for having a ill scratch hook; courtesy of a deejay named Dirty Digits. 

SoundCloud stream for now only, but if you're feeling this you can pick up an mp3 up @ iTunes.


  1. would be interesting to see you doing reviews about mixtapes of Chuuwee and willie the kid

  2. not familiar with Chuuwee but Willie The Kid is ill. what has Chuuwee done worth checking that you think would be for me?


  3. Chuuwee has a mixtape out there called ''Be Cool''. the mixtape has a smooth taste. it reminds me Pharcyde or People Under the Stairs.

    and willie, i love that tape. the concept behind the tape is very interesting. he rhymes over the original versions of some sampled tracks. I like it a lot.

    I've read some reviews from you, and I would like to see more. hope you have time to do more.

    Another thing I find interesting was to give more attention to newcommers that are coming.

    Finale, Has-Lo, Maffew Ragazino, Skyzoo etc.

  4. thanks for your input, always appreciated and good to know what you as a reader would like to see on this blog. i will definitely write more reviews, i haven't really taken the time to do so lately but it's coming.

    i try to include a little bit of the newcomers as you say, i like all the artists you mentioned there plus Fashawn, Apollo Brown, Hassaan Mackey and others. i don't want it to be too much of just a news blog since there's so many out there and i want to keep the "true school" formula but i try to balance it out a bit. i'll check out the tapes you mentioned too.

    thx again / peace

  5. Keep doin your thing. I like your blog. Its about real Hip-Hop, so you deserve all the respect.