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Friday, August 26, 2011

Showbiz & AG - "God is Force"

One of the top three rap MC/producer duo's of all time imo, Showbiz & AG, returns with their new single "God is Force". The track follows "Suspended Animation" as the second leak/single from their forthcoming full-length album "Mugshot Music". The duo is recording at former D&D Studios, now HeadQCouarterz, together with DJ Premier who is acting as an executive producer of the album which most likely we means we'll get at least a few Show bangers with vintage Preemo cuts on top or even a remix. As expected, the song, which is produced by Showbiz and mixed by Preem, don't dissapoint and I for one can't wait for this new release. AG seems to be one of those rare emcees who gets better with his age as he's a reflecting person who's life experience and gained knowledge really shines through in every track he does.

Also if you're skilled in the art of Photoshop or creative design overall, the duo is asking people to send in contributions of their own designed artwork to The illest and best suited entry will be properly credited and used as cover for the retail album. Peace to The DJ Premier Blog for the track and info.



  1. Nice song, I just wish it wasn't so short in track time like Suspended Animation. I'm waiting for them to go all out with 5 minutes of song time.

  2. yes, i completely agree with you. i noticed alot of dope artists putting out albums full of songs of this length ending up with 30 minutes of music for the price of an ordinary retail CD/LP. if it's banging, it's banging but i still miss the times when most tracks were 4-5 minutes and didn't feel forced or tiresome.

    overall, both of these new Show & AG songs is really ill to me. i'm eager to hear that new LP!