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Saturday, April 16, 2011

12" Throwback: Buckwild's Still Diggin' EP

We continue to celebrate Buckwild here @ The Lost Tapes this week and the one I got in store for y'all today is one that took me at least a couple of years to find. The DI producer released this little EP in 1998, featuring four of what I guess was some of his favorite productions at the time; and they still hold up as incredible material. The EP also features all the instrumentals to the quartet of joints which is always an appreciated gesture.

Two of the tracks were released here for the first time but has since become standard Buckwild material, specially "The Dream Shatterer" by Big Punisher, which is further proof that this definitely was the original version of this classic. But that's hardly news these days, plus Domingo did an absolutely fantastic job with his remix; in fact one of the best tracks on Pun's classic debut. OC's "Burn Me Slow" was later released on a few compilations and since it was recorded in 1997 I will go out on a limb and say that it's a scrapped song from "Jewelz".

But the "Still Diggin' Composition" EP also features two hot joints you won't find anywhere else; especially interesting is the track "Move Your Feet" by Buck's own crew Kurrupt Money Inc. since it might be the first record they ever released together. I also took the liberty to add all the vocal tracks as tracks 1-4 and the instrumentals as 5-8 unlike the original EP which had the vocal version and instrumental of each song following eachother. TURN IT UP!!

01. OC - "Burn Me Slow"
02. Reservoir Doggs - "No Trust"

03. Kurrupt Money INC - "Move Your Feet"
04. Big Punisher - "The Dream Shatterer"
05. OC - "Burn Me Slow" [Instrumental]
06. Reservoir Doggs - "No Trust" [Instrumental]
07. Kurrupt Money INC - "Move Your Feet" [Instrumental]
08. Big Punisher - "The Dream Shatterer" [Instrumental]

BUCKWILD - "Still Diggin' Composition"

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