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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"The Infamous" track-by-track interview with Hav, P, Q-Tip, Rekwon, Noyd and rhe A&Rs

Spotted this over at the incredible Complex site who's really been holding it down with the articles lately, one of the best interviews site right now if you ask me. Thia Mobb Deep's '95 "debut" album is of course a classic and while "Juvenile Hell "wasn't that bangiung and neither Prod or Hav had reallty found their style. Very intersting front-to-basck article with the the two Mobb Deep leaders, Q-Tip, Raekwon, Ghost is mentioned and should be a must-read for any Mobb Deep fan, or at least fans of the album.

We also get the ndsight look at how the studio sessions went down and Matt Life and Schott Free also adds participates in the interview since thety were the A&Rs and made eveyrhing souund good with the Tip involvement (it looks like he mixed about 80% of the album including the three singles he produced. I never knew exactly how involved he was but listening to the album you can clearly hear how all the trademark kicks, snares and especiallt. Mad intersting early peak into one of hip-hops most acclaimedal slbums of all time.Check it over @; in my opinion they really improved and is pretty much the king site of dope interviews lately. Banf this and I'm sure you won't dissapointed fam!


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