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Thursday, April 14, 2011

All In Together Now in rare interview

If you're a true Wu-Tang head, you'll know that before there was a Wu-Tang Clan or Staten Island was more known as Shaolin, the three cousins that would form the core of that future nine man crew already had a group. The trio called themeselves All In Together Now and featured Prince Rakeem, Ason Unique and The Genius - or RZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard and GZA as they would later be more known as.

The fantastic Ego Trip let loose of this rare video interview from 1991 yesterday and it's truly an amazing watch for anyone interested in the history of Wu-Tang Clan, or hip-hop overall for that matter. The Genius is promoting his debut "Words From The Genius" while Prince Rakeem talks about his EP on Tommy Boy, "Ooh We Love You Rakeem". Dirty and RZA seemed to have been pretty serious about the dancing back in those days, hard to imagine that one now haha. It's funny that it took for those two above mentioned records to flop for the Wu to rise out of the ashes and soon become one of the forerunners in the hip-hop game, not just musically but also financially. Enjoy this video, entertainment at its finest.

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