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Thursday, April 14, 2011

OC & Buckwild - "Ex-O-Cises"

As promised, our Buckwild week continues here @ The Lost Tapes, and for this Thursday night I am bringing you the second compilation of non-album cuts from the producer. This time the focus is on his work with Brooklyn's Finest - rapper Ocee. Buck was the one who first hooked up with OC, became his main producer and was responsible for making him an official part of the D.I.T.C. crew. It's ridiciolous that OC and Buckwild is rarely mentioned amongst the illest MC/producer duo constellations, despite constant proof of an out-of-this-world chemistry. Buck was of course the main producer of O's classic debut "Word... Life", laced a chunk of "Jewelz" and produced almost the entirety of the severely underrated "Bon Appetit".

I think Hip-Hop is Read put together a best of Buck and OC mix a while back, but mine differs since I instead puts the spotlight on every collaboration that did NOT appear on any official OC album. See this as an addition to their respective catalouges rather than a recap of it. The compilation, which I have titled "Ex-O-Cises", is  made up of 13 choice cuts that really bang hard, and further solidifes the duo's greatness and superior chemistry together. The 13 tracks were all recorded between 1996 and 2006. However, as bonus tracks I decided to add three of the demo cuts that Buck and OC worked on in '93 that didn't make the "Word...Life" LP. All selections appear in full versions with no DJ shouts and in high quality rips. All lyrics by Omar Credle. all music produced by Anthony Best.

01. "What I Represent" [1996]
02. "Burn Me Slow" [1997]
03. "Half Good, Half Sinner" [2001]
04. "U-N-I" [1999]
05. "Wordplay" (Ft. Da Ranjahz) [2002]
06. "Insomnia" (Ft. A-Bless & D Flow) [2006]
07. "Champagne Thoughts" [1999]
08. "There Will Be Blood" (Ft. Celph Titled, DITC & Brand Nubian) [2010]
09. "Love Child" [1997]
10. Gabrielle: "Give Me A Little More Time" (Remix) [1996]
11. "Spend It" (Ft. AG & Milano)
12. "No Hook Theory (Ex-O-Cise) [2001]
13. "Bonafide" (Ft. Jay Z)

14. "Outsides" [*] (1993)
15. "Sugar" [*] (1993)
16. "Would You Believe" [*] (1993]


  1. I can't seem to download the mediafire file, it says no files to extract. Could you re-up it somewhere else?

  2. Damn, it isn't up anymore. It would be very nice If you could re-up it. Word...Life and Jewelz were too dope, so this is a must-listen.

  3. damn that's strange i just tried the link and it's still up for sure but maybe there is some problem as you said Deoseyus to extract it. but i'll try to upload it again first thing tomorrow

  4. i don't know what wreng on your browser but i just downloaded the file on my computer, unpacked it and it wprös perfect.

    well, since you can't download it - i uplodrf a Medlfire link foe ta'ööspfe