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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pete Rock & Camp Lo Feat. Planet Asia

"On Ice" appeared on 80 Block From Tiffany's recent promotonal mixtape, a track with the duo rhyming fresh verses over Pete and CL's 2000 classic. The beat in question was of course  "Back On The Block". from "PeteStrumentals". The trio  just released a remix of the song as their new single, this time featuring a guest verse from the god Planet Asia as well as single artwork. 

I can't listen to the track right now so I can't say if it's the same beat they rip and if the Camp Lo verses are the same as on the mixtape track. The original is however enjoyable and a good song for sure although I wanna hear more of The 'Lo ripping new Pete matieral (see: "Sound Check").This LP needs to drop ASAP, but I do have a good feeling we will be seeing it in stores very soon. Shouts to Magnifik for hooking thi one up, thanks homie..

80 BLOCKS FROM TIFFANYS - "On Ice" (Ft. Planet Asia) 

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