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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Edo G & DJ Premier reunites (CDQ)

After hearing Edo G perform a verse of this live I was amazed, that beat was just perfect for Edo G to murder. As I reported Edo will drop his new album "A Face in the Crowd" on May 17 and he has now released the first single, digital only and with no instrumentals. The A-side is the Premier produced "Fast Lane" while the B-side is "Righteous Way" which has been out for a while now and even been posted here before. Of course Gim @ The DJ Premier Blog is up on his shit when it comes to new Preemo and i'm a big supporter of his work on that site and usually I don't post what he do but this Preem track and Ed's lyrics are just perfection. So shouts to Gim and enjoy this one, and if you feel like supporting the man behind the dope music buy the single at iTunes.


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