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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prince Paul's boutique revisited

I already made it clear on how much respect I have for super producer DJ Prince Paul here @ The Lost Tapes and I still bump his stuff on a regular basis. A while back I put together two compilations of my favorite Prince Paul outside productions (meaning none of the stuff on the De La's, his solos or the first Gravediggaz albums); the first focused on twenty tracks from 1989 to 1994 and I called it "Freak The Sorceress". The second, a little more ambitious project, was Paul productions from 1995 to 2004 and people really enjoyed them (that was "Paul's Boutique").

Since I've been on my Prince Paul shit lately and I also got my hands on a few additional rare tracks, like some Handsome Boy Modeling School songs that were scrapped from "White People". I decided to revisit both compilations with some additional changes; Volume 1 has a totally different sequence that I think works alot better plus a new cover that puts the last one to shame. The second volume has 4 additional songs and some small changes in sequencing. Some of the songs has better sound quality than before too, especially "Secret Wars" on volume II. Any Prince Paul fan will enjoy this so g'ahead and TURN IT UP!!

01. Prince Paul - "Reincarnation Of Freud"
02. Gravediggaz - ""Freak The Sorceress"
03. Boogie Down Productions - "Drug Dealer"
04. 3rd Bass - "Derelicts Of Dialect"
05. Queen Latifah & De La Soul - "Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children"
06. Big Daddy Kane - "It's Hard Being The Kane"
07. Candyman - "Return Of The Candyman"
08. Cypress Hill - "Latin Lingo" [Prince Paul Remix]
09. Slick Rick - "Behind Bars"
10. Nikki D - "Freak Accident"
11. De La Soul Ft. Biz Markie - "Lovely How I Let My Mind Float"
12. The Jaz & Jay-Z - "It's That Simple"
13- Chill Rob G - "Let Me Show You" [Maseo & Paul Remix] **
14. Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. - ""Psyko Funk" [Remix]
15. Justin Warfield - "K Sera Sera"
16. Fine Young Cannibals - "I'm Not Satisfied" [NY Rap Version]
17. Groove B Chill - "Let's Ride"
18. 3rd Bass & Zev Luv X - "Gas Face"
19. Prelude.... "Who's Skatin' Promo w. Kane /& Dres]
20. De La Soul w. A Tribe Called Quest, & Dres - "What Yo Life Can Truly Be"

01. Bootsy Collins/Bill Laswell - "If 6 Was 9" [Paul's Instrumental Mix]
02. Gravediggaz - "Mommy What's A Gravedigga" [Paul's Cali Mix]
03. Beastie Boys - "Root Down" [PP's Baloon Mix]
04. Last Emperor - "Monolith"
05. J-Live - "Wax Paper"
06. Dr. Octagon - "Blue Flowers" [So Beautiful Remix]
07. Metabolics & Naledge - "Lyrical Chemical"
08. Handsome Boy Modeling School - "Midnighr" [*]
09. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - "Signature Slogans"
10. Jom Spencer Blues Explosion - "Blues XXX Man" [Remix]
11. Biz Markie & Chubb Rock . "No Rubber, No Backstage Pass]
12. Gravediggaz w. Craig G - "Don'r Be Afraid Od The Dark"
13. The Avalanches Ft. Breezly Brewin - "Since I Left You" [Prince Paul Remix]
14. MC Paul Barrman - "Bleeding Bran Grow"
15. DOOM w. MC Paul Barman - "Hot Guacamole"
16. Beastie Boys - "Negotation Limerick File" [HBMS Makeover] *
17. J-Live - "The Day I Fell Off"
18. Last Emperor - "Secret Wars" [Remix] ***
19. Handsome Boy Modeling School w. DJ Shadow & Kid Koala - "Runaway Song II" *
20. Gravediggaz - '"97 Outro"

 All tracks produced by Prince Paul except:
* Produced by Prince Paul and Dan The Automator
** Produced by Prince Paul & Mixmaster Mike
*** Produced by Prince Paul & Sett Free


  1. paul's boutique vol.2 is not working

  2. Nice work with both volumes, good to see some of the more rarer prince paul stuff getting compiled together.

    Now put Keziah Jones- African Space Craft (Prince Paul Remix) on a compilation if you got it. I've been hunting for that song forever.

  3. FTW for anyone that is interested, the handsome boy modeling school tracks "midnight" and "runaway song II" were released on the instrumental verison of the second handsome boy modeling school album.

  4. Anyway we can get these back up again. Im reakky wanting that Avalanches remix.

  5. Anyway we can get these back up again. Im reakky wanting that Avalanches remix.