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Monday, April 4, 2011

Quotable of the week

"The drama's pitiful, little niggas is homocidial/
 couple meals ago shorty was eating through his umbilical,
 now he feel he's unkillable, shit is all amazing,
 the wrong altercation will leave his ass with a long abrasion/
 I try to make my life the focal through rhymes,
 these niggas do vocal booth crimes, I shot niggas multiple times/
 you sold a few dimes; but when you're rapping, you're the crack king,
 I sold it to whites when you thought it was just a black thing/
 I'm filled with this realness, rappers happen to lack it,
 I'm flabergasted you got a platinum plaque for that wack shit,
 All the real gangsters they on their way to be dead or in jail,
 they don't make record to sell, they don't make record to sell..."

One of the best verses of the year from one of the absolute best tracks of the year so you know i had to hype it up. 'The Greatest Story Never Told' could've been the greatest album of the year since it had all the right ingredients but despite as talented as Sai and Just Blaze are (the track above was produced by Buckwild though) they didn't quite make it all the way and I'll tell you why in my review i'll try to do tomorrow.

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