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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SELF SCIENTIC - "Trials Of The Blackheated

 After close to 15 years in the game the duo are back, although Self Scientic seems to be one of those crewss that people (unless the real diggers, REAL hip-hop heads) know about. Self Scienridic dropped their first 12" back in 1997 and ever since they have mantained a crazy portfolio, releasing a few albums here and there, loads of guest spots and ill singles.

This is a free EP for download and guest apperances include Freddie Gibbs and Freddie Foxxx amongst others. Everything is of course produced by the official member, the ILL west coast beatmaker DJ Khalil while the rhymes are handled by Chace Infinite (who you should be familiar with from "Kill Devil Hills" and "In Search Of Stoney Jackson" amongst other things; dope MC for sure).

The album is out of print but the duo finally decided to release it recently as a free digital download which I'm of course bring to you here @ The Lost Tapes. The links is taken from 2dopeboyz, thanks alot mates. Below is the download link, enjoy!



  1. Love your blog! I was wondering if you've ever put together a Bomb Squad compilation?

  2. haha very funny you should ask that because i got a Bomb Squad comp in the works. the only thing i need is putting it together so you'll see that within the week (probably thursday or friday).

  3. That sounds great! I've been bumping your Beatminerz comp. a lot lately and they're tied with the Bomb Squad as my favourite production team. Can't wait to hear it

  4. yeah Bomb Squad is incredible for sure! any special request for the comp? i'm staying away from all the Public Enemy's album (soundtrack tracks, B-sides and such are fair game) and possibly The Bomb Squad produced Ice Cube album.

  5. I was going to suggest the b-side from the I Stand Accused 12" from '94 "Mao Tse Tung" but I just checked discogs and apparently it was produced by Kerwin Sleek Young and not Bomb Squad, so I'll leave the ball in your court haha