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Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Percee P video

Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't this legendary underground MC Percee P's first official video? Percee's been ripping it for ages, I first heard him on Lord Finesse's sophomore album where absolutely killed two tracks and even got a quotable in The Source for his verse on "Yes You May". That same year he dropped a hot three-track single with producer Ekim and a couple of other obscure 12" inches before becoming M.I.Over the last decade or so he dropped a gang of crazy guest verses for atists like Cenobites, Jurassic 5, Big Daddy Kane, Jedi Mind Tricks and released them as a compilation called "Legendary Status" which seems to be out of print by now.

In 2007 he hooked up with Stones Throw and prepared his long over due debut album "Preserverance", a dope album that's obviously in my record collection. A short while after Madlib remixed the entire LP and put out "Preserverance: The Remix LP"; both can be bought @ That's where thid video "The Woman Behind Me (Remix)" is from. Also check the Freda Payne sample on this joint, exactly the same RZA created the ODB tribute "Life Change" sample around. Which one do you prefer?


  1. yeah , I didn't know that Madlib remixed the whole album.I gotta peep that out the remix sounds good on this video.Madlib freaks stuff way iller than a lot of others that use the same sample. here ,,, he did RZA in on that shit.Like if they had a beat battle over those two then Madlib got that all day. Ill video. Its crazy it took the Rhyme Inspector that long to get a full length debut. I don;t know why.

  2. INF; yeah definitely get that Percee P - Madlib remix album. i need to get it too, i only have the original "Perserverance" so far... but Percee also has made mad cameos and some 12" singles that was released on the compilation "Legendary Status", it's like 20 tracks from between '92 and 2004. there's some more tracks that didn't appear on that so i think i'm gonna put up a Percee P EP here @ The Lost Tapes eventually.

    i also think Oh No remixed "Preserverance" but i haven't heard it yet (it was a promo CD only).

    "Life Changes" is so special to me since it was the Clan's tribute to ODB and the beat RZA did was perfect for that. if everyone got to spit 16 bars and the hook didn't appear between every 8 bars that would easily get my vote. now i don't know. let's just say that both songs are incredible imo.

  3. Peace claaa,

    Yeah Oh No did remix the Percee P album too. It's called Oh No vs. Percee P (Now-Again Music Library Vol.2)

    It was promo only, very few copies. I've got it if you want me to up it for ya...? Lemme know fam.



  4. Also sampled for Afu Ra - Voodoo Child PRimo remix. Dope video. I've been a Percee P fan for craaaaazy years and I was happy to fionally see that he dropped that LP, especially on a decent label like that. But i gotta say, instead of having Madlib remix it again or Ohno remix, they really should have went to Perce's og roots and had someone from DITC remix. Like look at all those 90s beats that Buckwild gave to Celph Titled? Percee would have ripped them shits much better. Not dissing Celph, I liked 19 90 Now, but Perce is a legend and I would rather hear him over DITC beats from the 90s.

  5. verge: yeah man, i co-sign that to the fullest. as good as Madlib is (and he did do a great job with "Preserverance"), Percee would sound more @ home over DITC type of beats. i wonder what the hell he's up to now tho, i haven't heard much from him since the release of this album.

    pattch82: yeah please hook me up with that homie. thx in advance!