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Friday, April 1, 2011

Papoose still killing it... this time with M-Reck on new single

I see people calling Papoose irrelevant and whatever and yes it is frustrating that he still ain't got a proper album out after all the hot guest apperances and busting on the scene no less than twice as the most promising fresh artist in a good while. No matter what when something like this comes around you must be retarded to hate, it got all the right elements of how we want the hardcore hip-hop to sound in 2011. Great, heartfelt verses from both Pap and M-Reck and a super superior beat with sped-up soul sample (and not in the corny way), strings and a heavy rhythm section sample; track is produced by Venum. Sounds like a street anthem!

I still haven't given up hope on a Papoose album, imagine tracks like this, "Comprehend" (prod. by Pete Rock), "Lifetime Membership"/"Watch How It Go Down RMX" (prod. by DJ Premier), "Where It's At" (prod. by Hi-Tek), "Sharades", "Alphabetical Slaughter", ""The Life" (with Kool G Rap and Jinx from DJ Hurricane's album. If he does it right with respectable producers it could be a classic), etc. Once again props to CEITEDMOFO for putting me on to this via a YouTube video yesterday but after some searching I found the 320 kbps (no tags) track straight from Forbez DVD in conjunction with DJ Kay Slay so all props to them. Head over there if you want to download the clean versions as well and TURN IT UP!!


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