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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alexander Ebert Ft. RZA - "Truth" [RZA Remix]

 The Los Angeles, US singer-songwriter, Alexaner Ebert, let loose of his recent solo project "Alexander" a short while ago. One of the songs has gotten the remix treatment by none other than The RZA, still one of my favorite producers. I love how he can produce something totally left field like this and the next time you hear him he is on some gritty Wu shit like "Weak Spot" or "Number One Samurai". You can tell his work as a cinema scorer has made him extremely open to different sounds, whether it be rock, hip-hop, cinematic instrumentals or an R&B jam. 

This is not the typical song you'd hear on The Lost Tapes and I'm not a fan of the singing, but RZA added a quite nice groove to this and there's also a verse by The Abbot himself. What do you think, am I wrong for including this song on this "true school" blog even one can't deny RZA is a true school artist. Take a listen for yourself and thanks to Art Vanderlay for putting me on to this one.


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