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Monday, July 11, 2011

VIDEO: CORMEGA / KRS-One / Grand Puba / BDK / PMD

This unexpected video really came out of nowhere, but today seems to be a good day for unexpected hip-hop happenings. The first version of "Fresh" first appeared in 2008 as an internet single and was supposed to be the lead single for Cormega's then-work-in-progress, "Born And Raised". The laid-back and soulful Emile production was a rather unexpected platform for a posse cut on this level - the track featured more legends than any recent song I can think of; KRS-One, Grand Puba, Big Daddy Kane, Parrish Smith and a vintage DJ Red Alert introduction. When the album was finally released a year later, the song had been given the Buckwild remix treatment into a much more sinister track and given the title "Mega Fresh X".

Now we get a third version of this impeccable posse cut, and what's so beautiful is that all mixes of this joint is straight up legendary in it's own right. I'm betting my money on this being The Revelations playing the beat as they are doing live instrumentation versions of classic 'Mega joints for his double CD "Raw Forever" that will see a release later this year. The video is animated and directed by Edward Christian and Aura. I also took the liberty of uploading the original 2008 version of "Fresh" for anyone who was unfortunate enough to miss it; try replacing it with its remix next time you listen to "Born And Raised" on your iPod to see which you think fits better.


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