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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah's "Back For More"

It's time for some sweet, relaxing, vintage soul music on The Lost Tapes as veteran DJ Jazzy Jeff and his new protogé Ayah unleashes their collaborative effort "Back For More". This is of course far removed from the computer generated, dead music passed off as soul and R&B on commercial radio and MTV these days. Personally this is a project I've been waiting on for quite a while now as you might've noticed from the multiple posts on it. Anyone who's familiar with Jazzy Jeff knows that he's equally capable of creating amazing jazzy hip-hop and incredible straight soul joints; and from what I've heard so far the beautiful voice of Ayah is a perfect match for Jeff's blend of hip-hop and soul.

A little suprisingly, "Back For More", has been made available for free download via Bandcamp and who can complain about that? The 13 tracks are all produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff and features vocals by Ayah, but there's also contributions in the beat section from James Poyser (The Roots) and Demien DeSandies plus guest verses from S.T.S. (Money Making Jam Boys) and Tona.

01. "Press Play"
02. "Back For More"
03. "Notorious"
04. "One Life" (Ft. Tona)
05. "Hold On"
06. "Make It Last"
07. "Forgive Me Love"
08. "Tables Turn"
09. "Maybe We Can Just" (Ft. S.T.S.)
10. "Telephone"
11. "Baby"
12. "The Game (Somebodies)"
13. "Be Alright"


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