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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gasfacé / DJ Kozi / Buckkwild - "Maxi Best Of..."

If you're a regular browser at many of all the internet's hip-hop blogs and sites you might very well recognize the term Media Gasfacé. They've been dropping some amazing video interviews every now and then, having recently done extensive video interviews with the likes of Method Man, Prodigy, Ghostface, Raekwon and many others. What some heads might not know however is that Gasfacé is actually one of the biggest, and probably best, French hip-hop magazines. Since I don't speak French I obviously never read a full magazine of theirs, but I got the impression that Gasface is the French equivallent to HHC. One great thing that can be enjoyed by anyone though, is that Gasfacé every now and then give away a free promo CD with the purchase of the mag. The only problem is that they are hard to come across for peeps outside of the country.

With the fifth edition of Gasfacé 2008, readers was treated with an incredible CD that came in a full-cover slip case - a mix by French turntablist DJ Kozi on some of Buckwild's finest material. It's a great, well done mix with almost 80 minutes of Buck classics like "Scars & Pain", "Bring It On", "M.V.P. (Remix)", "Blowin' Up The World", "Rock On (Remix)" and many more (27 songs in total). I was a little suprised to see Big L's "Devil's Son" on there since I'm pretty damn certain that Showbiz laced that one. I am aware that the 12" says "produced by Show, Buckwild, Lord Finesse & Craig Boogie" but I would assume that credit is for the (then) forthcoming album since those four were all the beatmakers on "Lifestylez...". But that's nitpicking, download the tape below, upload it to your mp3-player and prepare for 80 minutes of non stop D.I.T.C. heat. Also be prepared for the next release in this series .which is even doper and will highlight an artist that you will see alot more from in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

01. Buckwild: "Intro / Medley"
02. Lace Da Booms: "Cur That Weak Shit" [Remix]
03. Funkdoobiest - "Rock On" [Remix]
04. AK Skills - "One Thing Or Another
05. Big L - "Devil's Son"
06. Mad Skillz - "V.A. In The House"
07. Reservoir Doggs - "The Difference"
08. Grand Puba / Sadat X . "I Like It" [Remix]
09. Buckwild / DJ Kozi - "Medley / Over The Prods)
10. Jemini The Gfted One - "Scars & Pain"
11, Street Smartz - "Prolwmz"
12. Cormega - "Thin Line"
13. Artifacts - "C 'Mon With The Getdown (Remix)"
14. Oeganized Konusion - "Bring It On (Remix)"
15, OC - "Bring It On" [Remix]
16. Mic Gerinmo - "Masta I.C."
17. OC - "Ozone"
18. Special Ed - "Lyrics" [Remix]
19. Bushwackass - "Caught Up In The Game"
20. A+ - "I Wanna Be Rich"
21. Big L - "MVP" [Remix]
22. Show & AG - "You Know Now" [Remix]
23. Diamond / Lord Finesse / Sadat X -. "You Can't Front"
24. AfroJazz / Raggasonic . "You Can''t Stop"
25. Kool G Rap - "Blowin' Up In The World"
26. AK Skills - "Nights Of Fear"
27. Big L - "Put It On"/"Ouro"



  1. Ill...but yeah C you are right Showbiz did produce "Devil's Son"

  2. peace fam, but if you look closer on the picture of the 12" single from that discogs page you posted, you'll notice it actually says "produced by Showbiz for Showbiz Productions, Lord Finesse, Buckwild and Craig Boogie.

    but it's defo Showbiz, even Big L shouts him out a the beginning of course. i think the reason the three other guys are mentioned is because they were the four producers that did "Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous". i read an extensive interview with 'Ness about the making of the album and he said that LP was recorded long prior to 1995. most songs on there are from '92-93, maybe early '94.

    this mis is great though!! i never heard about DJ Kozi before, but of course he's a French DJ so that might be why (come to think about it E-Blaze is French).

  3. link is broke...

    i wanna hear that...

    peace from Brazil.