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Friday, July 22, 2011

Unexpected LPs in the works

Since hip-hop sales started plummeting, rappers and producers have figured one of the best moves to get your protect attention is collaborating with other respected artists. Over the last few years we've been treated to full-length collabo's by KRS-One/Buckshot, Rae/Meth/Ghost, Edo G/Masta Ace, NaS/Damian Marley, KRS-One/Showbiz, KRS-One/True Master and many more. Recently an album by Lil' Fame and Termanology was announced to be released sometime this fall and today two more power duo's has announced forthcoming LPs; one rather unexpected and the other a little less suprising.

Let's start with the unexpected shall we? Master rhymer Kool G Rap has announced via Twitter that he got an album with none other than MC/producer Necro in the works. The album, which is currently titled "The Godfathers", is set for release in 2012. The production will entirely be handled by Necro, who's an incredible producer in his own right, and exectutive producers for the project is Necro and G Rap affilliate Domingo. G Rap is still one of the illest but over the last few years he's been having problem with picking incredible beats for an entire project but with Necro on boards this should be amazing in that department. My only worry is Necro's rhyming, he's actually pretty good at rhyming but his subject matter gets tiresome after about five minutes. Hopefuly being in the studio with the Kool Genius will make him step his game up big time. Either way, I'm looking forward to this project.

The second rumoured album is a collaboration between Sean Price (a/k/a Ruck of Heltah Skeltah) and producer Agallah The Don Bishop (p/k/a 8-Ball). Agallah produced Sean Price's kinda comeback single "Rising To The Top" on the GTA IV soundtrack and also produced joints for Ruck like "Telemundo". Whether or not this will be a strictly Sean P album produced by Agallah is not clear since The Don Bishop also occassionally rhymes so the project might very well have them both emceeing over Agallah productions. We will just have to wait and see. There is also a good chance that this is old material since Agallah revealed in an interview a couple of years ago that he was looking for a distribution deal for this album. Thanks to L.S.32 for the info.


  1. Agallah produced Sean Price's kinda comeback single "Rising To The Top" on the GTA IV soundtrack

    It was really GTA III

  2. wow necro & kool g rap odd companation should be good but i agree with necro's subject matter guy can flow but gets very boring listen to him go on about rape, blood & mutalation all day if he just handled production tho this would be fire