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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


New music video from one of the most skilled Killa Beez the extened Wu-Tang family has ever seen. The video above is one by Shabazz The Disciple, one of my all time favorite lyricists from the Wu camp. His flow and delivery is unmatched by most; his lyrical style is original and one of the best in the hip-hop game and most often rocks ill beats. The song is called "The Kiss Of Betrayal (Hug Of Judas)" and is fire.

.The video was directed and edited by Varras Towers but no word on (music) production credits yet. I can swear this was on 'Bazz '06 album/mixtape "Passion of The Hood Christ" though I havne't listened to that album in ages. So this might very well be over a different beat, or even have new lyrics.  The mail I got from director Varras Tower, states that the song comes from a forthcoming 'Bazz album called "Thug Bible". Coming soon!

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