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Friday, July 22, 2011

K-DEF - "Time's Change"

As recently reported, one of hip-hop's most underrated producers, K-Def, has signed to Redefinition Records. The deal is already bearing fruit as the label is just about to deliver their first K-Def project. The limited 7" single "For Def's Sake" (seen above) which will hit stores on August 9. As today marks the date when pre-orders are taken, Redefinition is giving away the fantastic B-side in full.

"Time's Change" is, in my opinion, one of the illest joints I've heard all year so far. You'll hear the signature K-Def boom bap but the arrangement of samples is simply out of this world. Bits and sequences of sampled vocals, guitars, keys, sax and trombone flows together seamlessly as the track morphs and transforms. Pre-order the single from Redefinition or Fat Beats now!


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