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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Masta Ace / Paul Nice

It's been a pretty slow weekend as far as new hip-hop ish goes, but there's at least been one real gem that should interest my readers as much as myself. What I'm talking about is another quality vinyl release from underrated producer DJ Paul Nice who recently released ill remixes for Jay-Z ("PSA") and GURU ("Conflict" w/ Masta Ace) on 7" via Slice-Of-Spice Records.

Now he's been gearing up for another limited 7" release, this time with Masta Ace and a track called "BK (We Don't Play)". The original version was something Paul had originally done with Ace back in 2001, though this is the first time the public has even known about it, so I'm guessing it was recorded for "Disposable Arts". The A-side of the single has the original '01 version where we hear Nice utilizing the sample later used for the Premier remix of "Classic" (Nas/KRS/Rakim/Kanye). On the B-side we find a recently remixed and reconstructed version of the same track, also produced by Paul Nice. Two versions of the vinyl exists, one all blue and the other on ordinary black vinyl. I'm not sure if there's any differences as far as the actual music goes but I believe the blue one is strictly available only from Splice Of Spice's own website. ORDER & FIND OUT MORE @ SPLICE-OF-SPICE and check out both songs below (the remix only through stream).


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