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Monday, July 18, 2011

Classic Clips: A Tour @ The Hansome Boy Modeling School

"So... How's Your Girl?", the wonderfully twisted first collaborative album by fashion industry moguls Nathaniel Merriweather (Dan The Automator) and Chest Rockwell (Prince Paul) as Handsome Boy Modeling School still gets spins from me every now and then. It's as weird as you would imagine an album by Prince Paul and Dan The Automator back in the late 1990s and despite the guest apperances coming from everyone from DJ Shadow to Sean Lennon, from Brand Nubian to Alec Empire, the end result is a front-to-back banger tailor made for hip-hop connoisseurs. In short, if you haven't heard the LP and tends to like hip-hop that defies clichés, you should consider sending 60$ to the institute of Handsome Boy Modeling School yourself. It might just happen to be the best 60$ you ever spent.

The video above was made and released in promo for the album back in '99 and is a hilarious watch that encapsulates the theme of "So... How's Your Girl" well. Besides the expected tour through the school's principles by the founders themeselves, you'll see cameos from El-Producto and Razhel amongst others. Below is a bonus clip from the original episode of the series that inspired the project in the first place, 'Get A Life' featuring Chris Elliot, set to the tones of "Look At This Face (Oh My God, They're Gorgeous)". As a second bonus, I added the H.B.M.S. remix of The Beastie Boys' "Negotiation Limerick File", released in 1998. It's an interesting track as it's one of the few times Automator and Paul worked together outside of their two full-lengths together.


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