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Monday, July 4, 2011

M.O.P. - "How About Some Hardcore?!!"

This is not me posting the classic M.O.P. breakout banger but rather me dropping my latest compilation; 18 tracks of raw talent courtesy of the Mash Out Posse. The power duo from Brownsville of course consists of Billy Danze and Lil' Fame and has been holding down the adrenaline pumping, testosterone fueled but honest and real hip-hop since around '94 when they hit with just "How About Some Hardcore" and the LP "To The Death". Since then fans of the M.O. Posse has been treated with close-to-classic albums such as "Firing Squad", "First Family 4 Life" and "Warriorz".

 Alot of people who don't listen closely to this group write them off as "scream-and-shout rap" while failing to realize just how dope both Fame and Danze are on the mic; not to mention how well they compliment eachother. There music is of course packed with loads of agressions so when Prodigy said "it's heavy metal for the black people/ rock and roll but it's hip-hop though" it sounded like he was describing M.O.P. Yet there's so much more here; there's few rappers that invites you into their minds in such a brutally honest way that with each album it feels like you got to know their reason for doing what they're doing and being who they are a little bit better. But even when they are talking about the worst of struggles there's alot of slick humor to pick up on and many of the violent punchlines are straight up hilarious. They also got a knack for picking impeccable beats, whether they be working with Preemo, D/R Period, Statik Selektah or Da Beatminerz they make sure to get some of the best beats available at the time. Or is it that the producers are too intimidated by their apperances and lyrics to dare to give them anything but A+ material? Not to mention that Lil' Fame is an incredible beatmaker on his own, lacing gems for Wu-Tang, Blaq Poet, AZ and Cormega under the alias of Fizzy Womack.

 One aspect that is often overlooked is their huige pile of guest features and soundtrack material, besides owning their entire catalouge on CD I must have collected about a hundred non-album joints on my laptop. In other words there wasn't very hard putting something really great together from that so that's just what I did. Some of these songs you probably heard before and some maybe not but no matter what, this is an amazing representation of M.O.P.'s work outside of their own group. I got one track from Teflon's underrated debut LP, "My Will", and one track from the official Marxmen tape from '04 but besides that it's all outside work. With the exception of "Bloodsport" all songs features both Danze and Lil' Fame and is guaranteed to satisfy the hunger of the hungriest of boom bap heads. FIIIYAAAAH!! 

01. "Transition Of Power" [prod. by Stoupe]
02. "W.O.L.V.E.S." (w. Krumb Snatcha)
03. "Gun Hold" [prod. by DJ Honda]
04. "Get Rich" (w. Bilal)
05. "Masquerade" (w. Bumpy Knuckles & Wyclef)
06. "My Kinda Nigga" (w. Heather B)
07. "Warfare" (w. Afu-Ra)
08. "Bucktown [Remix]" (w. Smif-N-Wessun)
09. "Watch Out" [prod. by Da Beatminerz]
10. "Dearly Departed" [prod. by DJ Babu]
11. "Stress Y'All"
12. "New York Giants" (w. Big Pun)
13. "Life" (w. Stikken Move)
14. "Pounds Up"
15. "Blood Sport" [prod. by J Dilla]
16. "Let It Bang" [prod. by Roc Raida/The X-Ecutioners]
17. "Rawness" (w. Teflon)
18. "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow"


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