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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Classic Clips: KRS-One @ '97 Poetry Slam

The greatest MC of all time, imo, was invitied to perform on Russel Simmon's Def Jam Poetry Slam in 1997. Backed up by legendary beatboxer Doug E. Fresh, the metaphysicial teacher performs one of his vast amount of verses that I hold amongst his abosulte best; this accapella was used as the intro to his great '97 album "I Got Next" under the title of "2nd Quarter: Free Throws". If you're not familiar with the law of attraction and metaphysical teachings, which by now has in realitybeen proven by the science known as quantum physics, you will absolutely not understand the absolute brilliance of this verse. I've heard so many people dismiss KRS-One as a preachy fuck but fail to realise that he's actually one of the most knowledgeable and important artists of our generation.

Even though this is not a live video and appears in this exact form on "I Got Next", I still want to add it as a bonus considering the two tracks are strongly conneected to eachother. In this brilliant freestyle Kris touches on how the new testament can be read as all astrology and still make 100% sense; ever wondered wy most dogmatic churches regards the teachings of astronology as heresy and abomination towards the teachings to Christ and God himself? He also touches on how we are moving in to a new time epok, Aquarius, something that is makint it's presence known even toay and many believe the height of this willtake place on December 21, 2012. 

Bring on the comments folk, do you think me, Kris, Hell Razah, David Wilcock, Greg Braden and all those quantum and metaphysicians nutcase or do you want to go higher?

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  1. Ask any physicist, and he'll say something along the lines of:

    "anyone who claims to understand quantum physics, doesn't understand quantum physics"

    BUT, we still see a million people who are neither qualified nor capable of understanding quantum physics using the word "quantum" to sell a lot of intuitive, spiritual hocus pocus.
    Deepak Choprah...KRS ONE, the makers of "the Secret", etc etc and you.

    Quantum physics deals mostly with the subatomic world and how our perception shapes our understanding. That is VERY different from what
    many Quantum Bullshitters claim; that our perception of the world around us changes/influences/alters the world around us in a sub-atomic way...No-one who seriously studies quantum physics actually claims that our perception shapes what is perceived... that idea is obviously stupid... if you stop looking at the moon, does it disappear?

    I like KRS One, he's a legend. I especially love the KRS One from the "Sex and violence" days, when he actually said some interesting against-the-grain stuff about religion ("The real holy place") and rappers spouting black nationalism ("build and destroy", "like a throttle"). he had classic lines like

    what are u doing for yourself, black man?
    trying hard to be the original man?
    the first man with the first plan
    on the first land?
    who gives a damn??

    He was sharp and went over a lot of other rappers' heads. But this older KRS One is becoming a spiritual woo-woo preacher,
    a Deepak Chorpah with dreadlocks.